Wireman Chapel Restoration

Eckerd College
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Schedule as a low priority renovation project, the Wireman Chapel has been neglected for years. Considered an odd building for a long time, this 1960's building is a structural engineering work of art.

The exposed steel super structure from which the octagonal roof assembly is suspended was showing signs of deterioration due to water penetration and a high salt content environment.   An analysis of the existing conditions allowed us to generate an affordable restoration solution which included mold and asbestos abatement, ADA updating, carillon waterproofing & new metal roof, fire alarm and systems retrofitting and new finishes throughout. 

A future phase will include a custom designed acoustical cloud, which will incorporate a sound enhancement system, electronic drivers to connect the electronic carillon to the existing pipe organ and state of the art theatrical lighting.  After its restoration, the building has become again an icon for the College.