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West St. Petersburg Community Library

St. Petersburg College
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Libray Dusk
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Design of a Joint-Use Library & Learning Center in partnership with the City of St Petersburg includes areas for collections, independent and collaborative study rooms, student services, reading, research, hot and cold foods in a casual environment , staff and support.  By blending the resources of college and community, the West St. Petersburg Community Library at St. Petersburg College has created a place which provides a great range of library material and services in one location. This facility enabled an economic solution to the community and college’s needs. A library that hosts 120,000 volumes with a capacity of 150,000 far exceeds either library’s individual effort.  Ninety public computer stations foster a bridge into research and learning for both student and public patrons.


Books and computers are not the only shared resources: two computer classrooms, two program rooms, eight study rooms, and an electronic resources room are available for local organizations and students use.  The 8,000 square foot children’s area invites kids into a deep sea adventure.  As the children wander amongst the colorful reefs and fish, they find themselves surrounded by an extensive children’s book collection, and discover that seats within the reefs lead them to 12 computer workstations just for them, or, by pulling up a stump find themselves captivated by puppets acting on stage.

The young adults enter their own oasis, which they helped design.  Their dedicated room caters to their specific study needs with comfortable seating and sound dome benches.  All patrons enjoy the wide open feel of natural light facilitated by a skylight and large windows which open the entire building to the beautiful landscape, including a great view of Eagle Lake.  Finally, the allure of an in house cafe welcomes gourmet coffee lovers and busy college students to a wide open dining space or an extensive outdoor seating area.

Size: 50,000sf
Cost: $8,000,000
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