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Student Wellness and Nutrition Center

University of South Florida
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The University of South Florida Wellness & Nutrition Center consists of three major components: a Dining Facility for 250 students, a Student Fitness Center and a two court Gymnasium.  It includes two additions to existing buildings and the renovation of the existing Campus Recreation Center.  The dining facility will be added to the Sun Dome, while the two court gymnasium will be added to the Recreation Center.  The Fitness Center will be within the renovated 40,000 square feet of the existing Recreation Center.

The solution consists on creating a new mezzanine in the existing gymnasium for the new fitness and support spaces.  The lower portion was remodeled to accommodate the strength and conditioning spaces which include: free weight area, a spinning studio, and a large cardio room.  A bridge connecting the main entrance to the new mezzanine creates a clear circulation through the expanded facility.

The Dining Facility will be located on the north-west corner of the Sun Dome, in keeping with the recreation facilities master plan.  the addition will be a one story pavillion-like structure housing three major components; Dining, Servery & Retail, and the Back-of-House operations.

The Dining space will have floor to ceiling glazing on three sides, providing views into the east-west pedestrian mall, to the fitness space in the Campus Recreation Center and into the courtyard and plaza in front of the Sun Dome.  The roof will provide generous overhang providing a visual marker on the pedestrian mall as well as providing exterior seating sheltered from the Summer rainy days. The dining options consist of four healthy stations with prep cooking within view of the patrons in an exhibition style kitchen arrangement.

Size: 74,000sf
                40,000sf Renovation
                22,000sf Addition
                12,000sf New Construction
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