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Iota Student Residence Complex

Eckerd College
eckerd iota dorm 01
eckerd iota dorm 05
eckerd iota dorm 02
eckerd iota dorm 04
eckerd iota dorm 03

The Iota Complex at Eckerd College consist of four houses that include 145 bed residences. Fifty-two of these residences were double bedrooms and forty-eight were single bedrooms.  Each house included a living room space.  Two houses have Kitchenettes and the other two houses have Laundry Rooms.

The design style is modern in keeping with the predominant style of the existing buildings on campus.  

The need to adjust the scope and have the project fast tracked to meet the College schedule became a challenge but the team completed the project in only 295 days.

The project was the first for Eckerd Collegeto receve a LEED certification.

Size: 36,742sf
Cost: $12,950,000
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